A PEI Holiday Gift Guide FULL of Locals!

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A PEI Holiday Gift Guide FULL of Locals!

It's the time of year where we set out on the weekends determined to take in all the local craft and artisan fairs with the hopes of acquiring the perfect gifts for our loved ones to open on Christmas Day! This year I'm hoping to make it a little bit easier by providing you with my Local Holiday Gift Guide!

#1 Something to keep them warm! 

There's nothing better than receiving a practical gift that is also gorgeous! AND There's nothing better than giving someone you love a gift that warms them on those cold, snowy days. Some of my current favourites are Louis & Jane and Little Bee Yarn Works!

#2 Something that reminds them they're loved

Personally, I love waking up in the morning, brewing up a fresh americano and sipping it quietly from the mug that a good friend has gifted to me. I feel closer to them and I think of them. Sometimes I'll even send them a quick message to let them know they've crossed my mind or how much I'm enjoying their gift! Some of my favourites in the cupboard are from Village Pottery and PEI Potters Cove <3 

#3 Something that encourages self-care

The concept of self-care is likely something you've been hearing a lot of lately. It's a reminder to slow down, take a moment for yourself, and look after your own well-being. Some of my favourite self-care product come from Lou La Belle Skincare and sweet, wholesome, raw cacao treats from Nurturing Essence

#4 A card that totally gets them!

Reading a card and relating to it so well that it hurts is a specialty of three local gals'! Check out Lyndsey Paynter Fine Art, Kim Roach Design, and Tiffany Mac Design if you want a good belly laugh between friends this Christmas!

#5 Something to remind them of home

Being away during the holidays is HARD! Crawling under a blanket or into a cozy sweater and making a recipe that eases that homesickness is a lifesaver sometimes! You can get a local blanket from Spindrift Weaving, a cozy sweater from Local Legends, and the sweetest recipe illustrations from Glorey B, a fabulous local artist who has put a creative spin on treasuring family-favourite recipes!