#LLSTORY - Ashley Paynter


#LLSTORY - Ashley Paynter

I told ya we'd be back! #LocalLegendsStories rides again with a story from one half of the Local Legends team, Ashley Paynter!

"My name is Ashley Paynter. Daughter of Brian and Ellen Paynter from Spring Brook, PEI. Yes my grandparents are famers’ Herbie and Margaret Paynter, and fishers’ Tom and Joan Blackett. Now that we have the Island formalities out of the way, I’ll get on with it. 

Born in Summerside and raised in Spring Book - I’m as Islander as they come. I longed for the big city all through my childhood. I would often tell my parents that I would live in Toronto some day. To that my dad would say “You could die on the street in Toronto and people would just walk past you for a week.” That didn’t sound great, but I was convinced I was meant to be a city girl! I’ve been to Toronto many times as an adult, it’s a lovely city, and I don’t think I could die but I could certainly do many other things and be ignored!

Upon graduating from high school in Kensington, I moved to the bustling metropolis of Summerside before buying my first home and “settling down” a few short years later, on the Irishtown Road just outside of Kensington. From there I briefly lived in Alberta, French River, and finally Charlottetown. 

Charlottetown is as city as I’ve gotten - and I’ve become very okay with that. This city is where I returned to school, started my business, met my partner, bought our first home, and found contentment. I moved here knowing my roommate, a cousin, and the people I went to school with. Now I can’t go for a walk at lunch without running into a fellow Graphic Designer, a client, or a friend to catch up with. While I’ll always refer to Spring Brook as “out home”; Charlottetown has a hold on my heart. I love the restaurants and coffee shops, I love the string lights that pepper the streets, the fitness community, the music, and nightlife - I love everything. There is always something to do in here. Being a country girl, my friend Jen and I would joke that we had to remind ourselves to dress up somedays because all of Charlottetown felt like our own backyard. It’s home. No matter where I’ve been on this Island, it’s home, and I’m very thankful to have actually settled here."

- Ashley Paynter // Co-Owner/ Designer at Local Legends Apparel and Paynter & Company 

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