#LLSTORY - Daniel Archibald


#LLSTORY - Daniel Archibald

FRIDAY!! At last. We're looking forward to a weekend full of Christmas Spirit and hot chocolate as we prepare for the Victorian Christmas Market this evening! 

Today's #LocalLegendsStory comes from Daniel Archibald a resident of Summerside and trainer at the Adrenaline Athletic Club on South Drive. This man has a great passion for his career and the positivity he projects onto his clients. A fantastic guy and definitely an Honorary Islander. Thank you for choosing PEI as your home, Dan. 

"PEI, when I first landed here almost 15 years ago I thought it was beautiful, but was only going to be here temporarily as I had every intention of moving back to Texas. That was then, this is now. I am so proud to live on this stunningly beautiful sandbar. This is home. 
I am a personal trainer that is based out of Summerside. I am blessed to call my passion work.....so really I don't ever have to work. I work with both the general public as well as athletes both professional and amateur. I do all of my training at Adrenaline Athletic Club except for a couple of my pro athletes who I travel to their private gym for. One of which is notably Dion Phaneuf of the Ottawa Senators. 

I could go on forever about the beautiful landscape of this hidden gem of an island, but the true draw that kept me here was the incredible inhabitants. The people I am blessed to call clients, friends & family have a warm nature about them, a charm native to the east coast. Every day I get to interact with different people as I help them reach their fitness goals, it's truly gratifying work. 
I may not be from here, but I married an Islander and now am raising a little Islander so in my mind I am a proud adopted Islander."

- Daniel Archibald // Personal Trainer