#LLSTORY - Danielle White


#LLSTORY - Danielle White

This weeks story is from Danielle White owner ofTall Pines and Interior Designer for SableArc Studios. #LocalLegendsStories

"I fell in love with Anne of Green Gables as a little girl (and still unapologetically love her) and when the opportunity to see the Island presented itself on a road trip to Cape Breton in 2005, I couldn’t say no. 

We crossed the bridge and stayed for three days, until our vacation time ran out and we had to go home (we were also soaked to the bone…Maritime rainstorms being alien to us, we hadn’t really planned on that much water in the tent). We never did make it to Nova Scotia. A year later, we came back, got jobs and bought a house. That was 10 years ago and though I spent my childhood in a place that’s about as different from PEI as you can find, I’ve never once regretted the decision to move here.

It’s almost impossible to pick just one thing I love about PEI, but I would have to say that the landscape is probably my favourite. I play a game sometimes – it’s called “Let’s Try to Get Lost” – where I drive around with a friend and we explore the sights. I love that we can’t truly lose our way – we just run out of road when we reach the shore. Then we turn around and head home…and all the roads seem to lead there."

- Danielle White
Artist and Interior Designer

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