#LLSTORY - Jill Hamilton


#LLSTORY - Jill Hamilton

Another story - this one if from a dear friend, Jill. Thank you for sharing with us!

"I visited PEI with my grandparents every summer growing up. We'd drive from Nova Scotia, usually stopping at the Starlite Diner in Summerside for lunch, before continuing onto Cavendish for the afternoon. I always loved it. Anne of Green Gables, the constant closeness to the ocean, the red soil, the rich green fields running alongside every country road. I don't think it surprised anyone in my family when I went to PEI for college.

Even before I graduated from Holland College in 2011, I knew I would likely end up staying in Charlottetown. It felt more like home to me than anywhere in NS ever had. Like many Islanders, I ended up dating a friend of a friend. We got married in 2015 and that solidified me staying here. We moved into our first home in May 2016.

Prince Edward Island is the best of both worlds. It is made up of close-knit communities, strong family ties and traditional Maritime charm. The bigger towns and cities are made up of unique small businesses, a wide variety of art and cultural events and the nicest people you'll ever meet.

I may not be a "true" Islander but I love this province and the people who make it better more and more every day."

Jill Hamilton
Author and Graphic Designer

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