#LLSTORY - Qeturah Baglole


#LLSTORY - Qeturah Baglole

It's that time of the week again! Maybe our favorite time of the week if we're being honest! :D#LocalLegendsStories

"My name is Qeturah Baglole, and I'm an Islander..... or am I? 
It's a question that I've honestly asked myself for decades. At first glance, sure, I look the part - with red hair, fair skin, and freckles. I've even got a bit of an Island twang (or so I've been told). But then, of course, we get to the name part, and as everyone knows, a true islander can always be sniffed out if they know who yer father is!

Now don't let the name Baglole fool you, sure it gives me a *slight* edge towards credibility, but that's overturned once you realize that it's my married name. My maiden name of Tersteeg gets a whopping 0 out of 10 on the "top Islander names" list I'm sure. (And let's not even get started on my first name!) My grandparents moved to Canada from Holland and bounced around the country a bit before finally settling down and raising their kids in little old Parkdale, PEI. My grandfather taught at UPEI and still lives in Parkdale to this very day. I myself grew up in Cornwall, Breadalbane, and Parkdale as well. 

But lineage and heritage aside, the part that always makes me stop and think twice when asked "so where are you from?" is the fact that I wasn't actually born on PEI. While I've lived here for literally as far back as I can remember, I've got Calgary and not Charlottetown on my birth certificate. 
My father, having briefly moved out west (in true Islander fashion) to work, met and married my mother, and had me in Alberta. I returned "home" to PEI on the day of my second birthday. 

I've lived on PEI ever since, for 28 years now. I've married an Islander and we've started our own family here. I don't think I'll ever leave. But when my dear friend Ashley debuted a new line of t-shirts spotlighting Islanders and Honorary Islanders... I honestly didn't know which group I belonged to! Deep down I consider myself an Islander, but what would TRUE islanders think? Born and raised Islanders?? Well, with a little gentle nudging from Ashley herself ("it's a state of mind" were her words of wisdom, if I recall) I can now proudly say that I'm sporting the blue shirt. So my name is Qeturah Baglole and I'm an Islander Through and Through. And proud of it 🙂"

- Qeturah Baglole
Financial Admin at Old Dutch Foods, Farmer's Wife, and Mother of Three!

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