#LLSTORY - Santa Claus


#LLSTORY - Santa Claus

The other day we received some strange mail. The return address was from postal code H0H-0H0; we skeptically opened the letter and we’re glad we did. Here’s a very special edition of Local Legends Stories!

“My first visit to Prince Edward Island was in 1775, following the Raid on Charlottetown. I received lots of letters from boys and girls that year and decided I needed to make my presence (get it?) known during a stressful time for families. It was on that first trip that I first heard the stories of Island summers.

I’ve made many trips back over the years and have seen lots of history. In 1864 I left lumps of coals in the stockings of all of PEI’s Fathers of Confederation – That George Coles just could not get along with John Hamilton Gray, it took them way too long to join Canada! However, given all of my trips to the Gentle Island for work, I was never able to get here for the great summers that my elves talked about! I wanted to see the sand that they said matched my suit!

Finally, it happened. July of 1979 still brings back such fond memories for me. Much of my time was spent on the long, winding beaches of the North Shore, from Cavendish to Tracadie. I brought Comet with me to make the travelling back and forth easier. It was safe to say that I fell in love with PEI that wonderful summer.

Nowadays, advances to modern technology make my business trips to PEI are made a little faster; this gives me more time to enjoy myself! I get to eat that extra cookie and drink a little extra milk in each house. Shout out to the families that leave some cooked up potatoes for me; if I don’t finish them, Donner certainly does! Special thanks to George Arsenault: Mrs. Claus certainly enjoys a Boxing Day taste of your homemade potato vodka! I’ve discovered that I have family here too. I have a third cousin whose last name is Gallant… Do you know him? His father is Bill.

I can’t wait to visit all you good boys and girls in a couple days. Have a very Merry Christmas! Ho Ho Ho!”

S.Claus // Toy Distributor


Well, that was a treat! Do you have a story like St. Nick's? Send it over to hollah@locallegends.ca, or message us here!