#LLSTORY - Terrence Taylor


#LLSTORY - Terrence Taylor

Friday means #LocalLegendsStories time! This week, Terrence Taylor of The TnT Food Experienceshares his story about moving to PEI and starting his own small business. Such a fantastic idea, thanks again Terrence!

"My name is Terrence Taylor and I moved to Charlottetown, PEI in July of 2015. I moved here from Halifax to begin my dream of helping inspire and influence the world to live more positive lives by engaging in more active and healthy lifestyles. Through those thoughts came The TnT Food Experience. TnT started as a healthy meal delivery company that delivers healthy and creative meals to Islanders looking to ditch the fast food alternative and consume whole, healthy meals at their convenience. With PEI being an Island of tradition, often new ideas take some time to be accepted, which helped develop the TnT brand into much more than just a meal delivery service. 

TnT stands for Terrence n Trendsetters. A Trendsetter is someone who believes in themselves and wants to do more than just go through the motions of life, but would rather take a risk to live the life they deserve. To break out of your comfort zone. To be more than just ‘content’. To challenge the rules of life, to push the boundaries, to make something legendary, and be someone great. 

TnT is centred on holistic ideas, combining mental and physical health, while also sprinkling some positivity and opportunities to motivate ourselves and others to live healthy lives. To some, that means skipping a fast food line and heading home to make a healthy meal. To others, it’s reading a motivational and positive post on the TnT social media every morning that helps kick start their day in the right direction. And to some, it’s about wearing a t-shirt that expresses who you are, why you love yourself, while boosting self confidence and positivity that’s not only contagious, but is needed to be shared with the rest of the planet. 

Energy is contagious. Good and bad. So why spend your time being negative and caught up in what’s wrong with the world? Why not set your own Trend? Why not be a member of a movement that helps put smiles on people’s faces? Why not find your passion, share it with the world, and see who you’re able to influence and leave a positive impression on? We all have gifts. We’re all meant to share them with the world. Here at TnT, we want to help every single Trendsetter find their greatness, and bring it out for the world to see. 

Why? Why not."

-Terrence Taylor

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