#LLSTORY - Tim Chaisson


#LLSTORY - Tim Chaisson

It's Friday! You know what that means... time for#LocalLegendsStories! Tim Chaisson shares a story about something you might consider him an expert on - Music in PEI! Big thanks Tim for your continuous support!

"Well, I really am an Islander through and through. I was born at the QEH but grew up in Bear River (near Souris, for those who haven’t had the privilege of driving down that beautiful road) and other than my big move to Charlottetown when I was 18 years old, I haven’t officially lived anywhere else. I certainly don’t take PEI for granted though. The older I get and the more time I spend away from home, the more my appreciation for this place grows.

I could go on about the beauty of the island, the warm hospitality and the delicious food but I might just ramble about our unique and amazing music scene for a minute.

Music is such a big part of our culture here. You could have learned from an old instrument that was passed down from your grandfather, the school band, or maybe after seeing your big cousin shred on the electric guitar.

For me and many other Islanders, it involved a family tradition and a good ol’ ceilidh. Every Sunday night from the time I was 6 years old until I was 19 I attended the Monticello Ceilidh (to be fair, the most I contributed in my early years was a few steps or falling asleep on my Dad’s knee while he played the piano!) The ceilidhs are a genuine tradition that so many locals and tourists love – playing, dancing, socializing and allowing the tradition and tunes of all heritages to flow through their blood. They’re pretty special.

I still get out to a good ceilidh on the Island but in the last few years, I’ve found myself playing mostly off-island. I’ve been lucky to tour across Canada, the United States, Australia, England, Scotland, Denmark, Norway, Cuba (and a few other random places ;)) and everywhere I go, I’m so proud to say I’m from PEI. 
Depending on where I am, people may or may not where PEI is, but what they take away after a show of The East Pointers or myself is that they’d like to visit - probably because we talk about it so much! 

One of the coolest things about touring is when I end up at a festival in Australia or Denmark (or wherever the heck) and other Islanders are performing. The Paper Lions, Irish Mythen, Dennis Ellsworth, Vishten, Ten Strings and a Goat Skin and Catherine MacLellan are just a few of the folks I’ve seen rip it up on international stages. And I mean, rip it up! I’ve actually seen a Dennis Ellsworth shrine in England - I’m not kidding!

The comradery of Island musicians is something I’m so grateful to be a part of. The musicians here are humble, talented and generous. We support our own because we love what each other are doing and we stick together.

PEI music is important and Island musicians are spreading their stories, tradition and love of PEI wherever they go. We’re lucky to be from here! ☺"

Tim Chaisson // Recording Artist