Wear your PRIDE on your chest!

Wear your PRIDE on your chest!

Since before I started Local Legends Apparel I wanted to create a PRIDE shirt for the 2SLGBTQ+ community. Recently after chatting about doing a collaboration with Lindsey Ross fine art, she posted about a fundraiser she was planning with her art and we knew immediately that we found our collaboration! 

Lindsey is a mega-talented non-traditional traditional artist based on PEI! Here's a bit about her inspiration behind the artwork.

Lindsey Ross Fine Art work in progress

"I have really loved seeing the Island’s Pride month grow and change. I volunteered with ARCPEI in 2009- And recall that they could not even get street traffic stopped for a parade- They could simply drive down one side of the street at a given time and that was it. It didn’t feel like a celebration but like a reminder of how little this event was prioritized.

Moving home recently, and seeing that PEI now celebrates not just a parade but it’s own month of events across the Island- I’m super proud. You can see that lots of hard work and hours have gone into creating space for everyone. I’m an ally, friend and family to many who benefit from seeing themselves represented.

I’d thought of how I wanted to be able to give financially to Pride PEI, but it’s not always doable when running a small business. I have been volunteering hours, but it’s clear that the more we can help ease the financial strain of Pride events, the lower the cost is for attendance and the more accessible they become.

This piece is something that I was able to contribute with the skills I have. I feel so fortunate that those who had the talent to take this from a drawing to apparel stepped up with me. My skills are really with pen and paper, but it took a lot of work to take my image and turn it into a design ready for printing on apparel.

The process for me began with a pencil sketch of what were originally little starlings on a branch. I didn’t have to go far for inspiration- My yard has been a mecca for them lately. They went from pencil outline to watercolour, to ink. I generally have an idea of how things will turn out, but when there’s a mistake and it’s in ink, I just go with it. I had a lot of fun with these little guys, from a variety of colours to the little looks in their eyes."

I am thrilled that Local Legends Apparel in partnership with Lindsey Ross Fine Art and Golden Custom Clothing are able to offer this limited edition PRIDE Peeps t-shirt as a fundraiser for PRIDE PEI!